You did not lose weight although you followed the fasting plans?

It often takes a few days or weeks until your body gets used to the new way of eating. Therefore, it may happen that you don't achieve positive results immediatly.

But don't give up!

The following tips might be helpful to achieve the desired results:

+ Pay attention to what you eat in your meal times. What do you tolerate, which foods give you a good feeling, which don't? Change your meal plans according to those feelings.
+ If you have not lost weight, you should extend your fasting times or fast more frequently. That's exactly what our Coach does: he suggests fasting plans that fit your personal needs and goals.
+ Intermittent Fasting is non of these "miracle diets" that are known to cause yo-yo effects. IF is a long-term change in your diet. So it may take a few weeks to achieve a greater weight loss.
+ In the meal times you should not eat more than usually.
+ Fighting cravings is often not easy, but it's a good idea to stay active, go for a walk, and drink plenty of water (preferably two glasses).
+ You should reduce your sugar intake and avoid sweeteners - this will also reduce the risk of hunger attacks.
+ Last but not least: Workouts are a miracle weapon. Try to include workout units in your daily life. This will additionally boost fat burning.