Of course you can change the standard plans or the plans created by the BodyFast Coach and adapt them to certain events in your life. However, make sure to stay as close as possible to the original plans, as these (especially plans created by the Coach) are optimally adapted to you.

Before or during the fasting week, you can easily adjust the fasting periods. If you want to add an additional fasting period, tap on "change times" and on "add period". Fasting periods can also be easily moved. To do so, tap on "change times" again. Then select the fasting period you'd like to extend or shorten and adjust the time using "+" and "-".

In addition, you can specify your meal times in the settings, so that the app and the Coach can adapt to your habits even better.

Coach users also have the option to choose a joker day every week, on which they don't have to fast. However, the week will then be extended by one day, so that all fasting times of the program can be adhered to and the positive effects will take place.