Workouts while fasting are not only an option, but absolutely recommendable, as they always have a positive effect on your body, no matter if you are fasting or not. Therefore, the Coaching programme also includes weekly challenges such as small workouts or other health-promoting tasks that contribute to your physical well-being.

If you want to boost the positive effects of Intermittent Fasting, especially fat loss, it is recommended to do your workout during your fasting periods. Workout units will be especially effective if you complete them shortly before the last meal before you start a new fasting period.

If you are in a particularly long period of fasting (20 hours or more), you should refrain from doing sports, as your body will reduce your fat resources in long periods of fasting anyway and you might not feel fit enough due to the long fasting.

The most important thing, however, is that you always listen to your body!