Based on your goals and your progress, the BodyFast Coach calculates an ideal fasting schedule and suggests suitable weekly challenges. However, since the Coach does not have much information about you and your eating habits in the beginning of your subscription, you may be dissatisfied with the proposed plan.

If you don't like your week plan, you have the following options:

+ You can shift the fasting periods of your week in order to increase suitability by pressing the "move fasting periods" buttons at the start or even during your week
+ If you can't stick to the fasting plan on a certain day, you can set it as Joker-Day. The skipped fasting period will be made up later.
+ You can cancel the week early and rate it as inappropriate, then you will receive a new, more appropriate plan. If you do not like it, you can easily repeat the process.
+ Alternatively, you can choose between +50 other fasting plans after aborting the week. The Coach will nevertheless give you suiting challenges.

Generally, we can only encourage you to follow the Coach. Often, it is more challenging in the first view than it actually is during the week. And after it you will surely be even more proud of you!