• The BodyFast app is based on scientific findings about intermittent fasting.
  • The varying and individual fasting plans of the BodyFast Coach orientate themselves on the genetically programmed natural eating habits of human beings.
  • Additional weekly challenges promote exercise, a healthy lifestyle and motivate users.

With the intermittent fasting app to your goals

The BodyFast app was developed on the basis of the results of numerous scientific studies about intermittent fasting of the last months and years. An intelligent algorithm creates an individual fasting week plan for every user, based on their input like age, progress and weight goal. Through this process all users can enjoy the full benefits of the positive effects of intermittent fasting on their health and also reach their dream weight.

The weekly program offers an excellent variety and challenges some of the standard dieting methods. For example, the "16-8", allows the dieter to skip breakfast or dinner. In contrast, fasting intervals always remain the same. The greater variety provided by fasting pushes the human body even more but people swear by the results. Fasting results in more resilience and flexibility. Each week, the fasting times set by the coach differ in length. The plan for the week depends on the individual's daily routine and availability.

A habituation effect is common with regular application of fasting. This means that the body adapts to the changes. Those who skip breakfast every morning may experience positive effects. However, following the same fasting program may be in danger of setting the individual back into old patterns and the person may lose interest.

Fasting: A genetic program from the Stone Age

The Fasting-Coach suggests individually arranged times that vary and are flexible. The program corresponds more favorably to a primal diet, which has been programmed into our genetic profile since the Stone Age. In early times, humans only ate when food was available and hunting or gathering was successful. During the varying fasting periods, the body begins to recover and self-repairs.

The individual plans from the app challenge the users by adding weekly tasks and challenges, such as physical activity (walking, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.). Users are confronted with new stimuli as well as challenges. The app user can look forward to reaching their health and desired weight-loss goals without frustration or boredom. Additional wellness and mindfulness tasks promote serenity and calmness. BodyFast aims to provide a holistic experience that not only supports health, healing, and well-being but also brings even more peace into one's everyday life.

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Everyone is talking about intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is more than just the newest "trend", even though the media is responsible for generating hype about it. Numerous scientists world-wide have provided evidence that intermittent fasting presents a natural form of dieting for humankind. Over the centuries, it has simply been forgotten.

Fasting has been programmed into us by our genetic make up. For thousands of centuries, it was not normal to provide the body with food all day long and to satisfy hunger immediately. Nutritionists that make modern recommendations like "five meals distributed evenly across the day" continue to mislead eaters and promotes unnecessary consumption, that is also further away from the primal way of how we should consume food.

The body needs rest to self-repair

We have completely lost the necessary time required for the body and gut to regenerate . The gut acts like a "secondary brain" and is responsible for countless functions in our body. As a result of our modern life-style, the gut is constantly working to digest foods. This may cause food intolerance and many other physical complaints.

Allowing the gut at least 14 to 16 hours between digestive processes, "autophagy" should take place. The body begins to regenerate cells and promotes healing effects that can eliminate many of our medical complaints with this approach. Japanese scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for discovering the autophagy-effect. More studies show that different types of fasting have impressive effects on the body and even some believe point that intermittent fasting may be a way to heal diabetes.

Using the BodyFast app, allows you to take full advantage of intermittent fasting.

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