My bodys weight has not changed in 2 weeks.

Any ideas please

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Hi Julie,

At first: congratulations that you perservered!

It often takes some weeks until the body adjusts itself to  the new eating habit of intermittent fasting. Therefore it is possible  that you don't lose weight in the first weeks. That differs from person  to person. I have a few tips for you:

+ If you didn't lose weight, you should consider prolonging your  fasting hours or fasting more often. That's what our Coach does - he  adjusts your fasting plans according to your goals and progress. But you  can also choose a different week plan manually.

+ Intermittent fasting is no fast "wonder diet" which often leads  to a yo-yo effect. It is a long-term change of your eating habits.  That's why weight loss can take some time.

+ In the eating periods you shouldn't overeat - or eat more than you would usually eat without fasting.

+ If you have acute food cravings: stay active, go for a walk, meet  friends and drink lots of water (to glasses are recommended).

+ You should avoid sugar and sweetened drinks also in the eating  periods. If you really want to eat sugar, then directly after a larger  meal, to let your blood sugar regulate itself better. This also reduces  the hunger during fasting periods.

You'll find more information here:

Kind regards,

your BodyFast-Team

On my long fast day today, I had such a headache, I had to eat a few Lance cheese crackers. How bad is that? I'm on the long one, from last night at 8pm to Thur at 12pm.
Also, is diet soda ok if you need that caffeine fix on these long days?
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