Confusing interface

I'm sure I could be a lot smarter here, but it would really help to have a better graphic representation of the fasting/not fasting times. For instance, GREEN would be an easier color for NOT FASTING and RED for FASTING. 

The graph itself is a grind to read, especially if tired, because the times on and off are confusing. Any way to make that screen more intuitive???

Love the app!!!


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Hi Stan, thanks for your feedback.

We really appreciate feedback from our users and bring all those suggestions to our development meetings. I'm sure that we can integrate many of those into future versions of the app.
We work hard to make BodyFast better and better every day.

Kind regards,

your BodyFast-Team

Thank you so much!
I like the red and green idea!
I Support this idea... it is really confusing... and i would Love the possibility to Switch to eating times instead of fasting... because i would like to See the times i can eat
I agree that the white/green bars are confusing and support the idea of improving this.
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