I'm begging for a widget

Notifications are great... But I would love for my status to be available to me at any time without opening the app. A widget that can be seen while the phone is in lock status... My dreams are made of that one Otherwise, totally love this app

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Hi, thanks for your feedback.

We really appreciate feedback from our users and bring all those suggestions to our development meetings. I'm sure that we can integrate many of those into future versions of the app.
We work hard to make BodyFast better and better every day.

Kind regards,

your BodyFast-Team

A widget would take this app to the next level and get top marks for me!
Please do this, everyone wants this
Yes, These were my thougts today.... i Love the App ... but seeing the next time of change without Opening the App would be Great.
I would also go one step further: A complication on my Apple Watch to show if I'm fasting or not and how long until the next phase would be perfect. Ideally color coded: green for not fasting, white or red for fasting.

Great ideas. Thanks for your feedback. We'll see which features we can integrate in future versions of BodyFast.

Kind regards :)

Yes please. This is a great idea!!
Yes please, a widget will be golden. 5 stars once we get it
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