New account/wrong plan

I just set up a new account a few mins ago and accidentally picked the wrong fasting schedule (6:1) and meant to pick 5:2 schedule. How can I change?

Hi I needed to change my plan the only one meal a day is too much for me to start. I’ve tried aborting & im not having any luck resetting. Also when tried resetting it shows up in a different language I only speak English. I hope this app works for me. If not I’d like to know sooner than later. Thank you Julie

Hi Mary Ann,

The app adjusts to the settings of your device. So please make sure that your phone/tablet is set to English and the app will switch automatically.

The Coach will calculate your personal plan based on your goals, progress and weekly ratings whenever you tap the orange "Start Coach week" button in the fating main menu.


Best regards,


1 Persona Le Gusta
Is there a way to only see things written in English? Also, I just signed up and paid for one year subscription. I thought coach app would pick a plan stuited for me but instead it looks like I have to pick a plan I want to do from several. Is this the way it works?

Hello Kate,  
thanks for your request. You can abort your current  fasting week in the fasting-tab (after scrolling down a little bit).  Afterwards you can choose 5-2. Happy BodyFasting!

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