Night shifts

Hey there I’m a nurse and I’m coming up to my first block of 5 night shifts since starting on body fast. Was wondering if anybody had done this? I always struggle with eating properly during nights My shifts run from 9pm-7:30am I probably leave for work about 8:20pm Thanks kindly

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Hi Mel, thanks for your post.

Shift  working and fasting can sometimes be complicated. We have the feedback  of many users who manage to integrate the BodyFast plans into their work  times. Try to adjust the fasting plan by moving the individual times of  each day according to your work schedule. This is possible during a  fasting week or before you start a new week. 

If  you are a Coach subscriber, each week you can choose a "Joker Day"  during which you can take a break from fasting. This also makes it  easier sometimes.

I hope that helps!

Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

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