Fasting periods

Hi. I’ve just signed up today, but cannot set my fasting times to 16-8. I’m trying to set from 9pm till 1pm. The app doesn’t allow me to do this. Any ideas?? Thx

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Hi Terri, 

thanks for your post. In order to do 16-8 please cancel your current fasting week and choose 16-8 (one of our standard plans).

If you do't like the fasting times you can move them.
In  the current version of the app, you can move the fasting times by  pressing the "move fasting periods" buttons at the start of a week or  even during the week. You can also enter your meal times so that the app  can adjust your times better automatically.

Kind regards,

your BodyFast-Team

If I am doing 24 hr fast can I have vegetable broth
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