Crossfit with Fasting

Greetings, I do crossfit 0530-0630 hrs M-F, and roller derby Wed 2 hrs and Sun 3 hrs. I want to ensure I eat after these vigorous times (perhaps fast 0830-whenever), but am not sure how to make the right schedule w this app. I purchased the Coach thinking I'd get more one on one and be able to Chat w a coach... what are my options??

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Hi Becky!

If you do sports, we recommend to schedule your training at the end of the fasting periods. 

Since you always want the same schedule most of the days, we recommend picking one of the standard plans that you like in terms of the length of the fasting period. 

You can then move the fasting periods with the +/- buttons so it ends at 06:30 or 7:00. 

Hope this helps! 

Your BodyFast team

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