If I want to talk to my coach then how can I do the same. Also, plz advise on my weekly meal plan.

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Hello Gaurav,

Thank you for your message! 

The "Coach" is an intelligent fasting algorithm our team has developed in 1.5 years of work. If you need support from a live person you can always ask our experienced team for any questions and tips around intermittent fasting and the app.

What is the Coach?

The BodyFast Coach creates an individual fasting week plan for you, based on your input like age, progress and weight goal. The varying and individual fasting plans of the BodyFast Coach orientate themselves on the genetically programmed natural eating habits of human beings.

The weekly Coach plans offer a great variety and challenges the standard dieting and fasting methods. For example, with the popular "16-8 fasting", you skip breakfast or dinner but the fasting intervals and times always remain the same. A habituation effect often occurs in that way of fasting. If you  skip breakfast or dinner every day you will of course experience positive effects. However, following the same fasting program may result in falling back into old patterns and losing interest. The body will also adapt to the new eating habit which follows the same pattern every day and thus the results will lessen.

In contrast, Coach users get a different fasting plan every week - with varying intervals and fasting times, depending on the individual's daily routine, availability, progress and goals. The greater variety provided by the Coach pushes the human body even more but people swear by the results. Coach fasting results in faster weight loss, but also in more resilience and flexibility.

Weekly Challenges

The individual Coach plans additionally provide weekly challenges, like physical activity or light workouts (walking, jogging, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.). Users are confronted with new stimuli every week. Additional wellness and mindfulness tasks promote serenity and balance. This ensures a lot of motivation and variety to reach the health and weight-loss goals without frustration or boredom. BodyFast aims to provide a holistic experience that not only supports health, healing, and well-being but also brings even more peace into one's everyday life.

Coach-Users have even more advantages:

+ They may choose manually out of over 50 effective fasting week plans 
+ The Coach sets weekly challenges in the areas of fitness and health which lead to a healthier lifestyle. This way, Coach users reach their goals even quicker.
+ Coach-Users can set a joker day every week and take a break from fasting. This brings more flexibility to the schedule and the week plan will be prolonged by one day.
+ Coach-Users lose weight 30% faster than users who do not use the Coach (statistical result, May 2018)

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out anytime.
If you need help with your specific plan please attach a screenshot of it.

Best regards,

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