Changing schedule

I started on the 16:8 schedule and would like to change to the 18:6. How do I make the timer change?

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Hi, thanks for your request. 

If you want to change your fasting plan you only have to abort your current fasting  week or wait for it to end. After that you have access to all the plans  again and can choose a new one. Please notice that 18-6 is only available for Coach users.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

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For some reason friday is skipped, why?
The schedule change skipping friday when I signed up for a coach. Where is my coach?

The Coach tries to ease you into the world of fasting so that your body gently gets used to the changes coming with it. That also includes a day off every now and then. If this is too easy for you, please rate the week accordingly as soon as it is over or you abort it. The Coach is an intelligent algorithm calculation your personal plan based on your goals, progress and ratings. Whenever you need the help of a real person, feel free to reach out to

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