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Hi! Just joined and have a question about Coach. How does it “learn” about me if I can’t adjust the times? For example, it has me fasting until 11pm one night. I’m in bed by 10pm but if I adjust the ending time back an hour, it moves the starting time back an hour as well? I’m already wishing I hadn’t paid for three months unless there’s something I’m missing? I also put it my usual meal times but Day 4 has me fasting through majority of that time frame. I get the whole “shake it up” thing but it seems strange?

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Hi Tania,

in  the beginning of a Coach subscription it might happen that the Coach  suggests fasting plans, that don't fit your everyday life. This is  because the algorithm does not have much information about you and your  fasting habits, yet (available information increases with every fasting  week).

+ If you don't like the current coach week you can rate it accordingly (too easy / too hard) after finishing or aborting it and the coach will give you a more fitting week in the next plan. 

+  You can also move the fasting periods by pressing the button to change  your week layout to fit better into your daily schedule. Of course you  can also fast longer if you feel ready for it. But always make sure you  rate the week correctly.

+  You can also always choose from the 50 different fasting plans manually  if you want to try a different fasting week plan. The Coach will also  calculate the fitting weekly challenges for manually selected weeks.

I hope this will help you!

Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

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