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Hi everyone this is my first post. I have just had my schedule for my fasting times. So tomorrow I have to fast from 8.15am until 6.15pm. I will obviously have my breakfast at my normal time of 7.30am, however I am a bit confused on my evening meal. I normally have my evening meal at around 5pm. I am fasting until 6.15pm so would I have my evening meal after my fasting time finishes or do I completely miss it out? TIA Kyla

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Hi Kyla, thanks for your comment. This decission is up to you. If you feel hungry you can have dinner after finishing your fasting period. If not, you can skip it. Simply listen to your body.

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your BodyFast-Team

I have been fasting since last night and not supposed to eat til 6am tomorrow. Ive gone 24 hours without eating, still have 6 to go but I felt like I was going to pass out. I could feel my bs falling so I ate a piece of swiss cheese and 3 Ritz crackers. Did I ruin the 24 hours I just went through? Also I still don't feel totally better. What can I do or eat that won't ruin all of my sacrifice?

Hi Kellie, when fasting for 24 hours you can have up to 500 calories. This will stop the autophagy process but won't stop you from losing weight. If you don't feel comfortable while fasting in general, please contact your doctor and ask for advice, as we are not allowed to give medical advice.

Thanks for your understanding.

Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

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