Does Coke Zero count as a qualified drink during a fasting period? Any other zero calorie drink? I'm new and am planning things out. Thanks!

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Yes. What about zero calorie sparkling waters. Can these be consumed? If not, why not?

We don't recommend drinking sweet or sweetened drinks. Sugar and also  artificial sweeteners have an impact on your blood sugar levels which  will make it harder for you to fast. The hunger during fasting may  become much stronger if you don't abstain from sweetened drinks. On top  of that, the fasting periods are supposed to give your body a complete  time-out which you won't gain with sweetened drinks. Sparkling water can be consumed.

Kind regards,

your BodyFast-Team

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That makes sense. Thank you! 

Thank you, you answered my previous question on diet drinks.
Tic tacs?

Hi Sandy, please don't have tic tacs. They also contain artificial sweeteners or sugar.

Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

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