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I travel alot. How should I handle time zone changes? For example my fast starts at 8 pm and ends and 12 pm. If I start at 8 pm Eastern and fly to the west coast should I fast until 3 pm to make 12 hours? Then start again at 8 pm again? That would actually put my time to eat at 6 hours not 8. Can the app adjust for time zones?

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Hi Jon, thanks for your comment.

The times in the app should adjust automatically.

If there are time zone problems in your app please:
 - Go to your system settings and switch the automatic time off and on - Restart the BodyFast app completely (close it and start it again) 

- Restart you system
 Afterwards, it should work correctly.

Kind regards,

your BodyFast-Team

Is there an update to this post? I do not see options to adjust time zones anywhere in the app. I, too, travel for work and would like the app to stay on my home time zone

Hi Julie, 

Thank you for reaching out to us! 

The system time of your device determines the time displayed in your fasting schedule. The schedule adopts to your new time zone when you travel, and it should only show you a different time when to fast, while the circular timer at the top should stay the same. 

If you would like the schedule to be displayed in one time zone only, we suggest you to turn off the automatic system time in your phone settings. 

This will "freeze" the time zone of your phone to the one you have last been in.

Hope this helps! 

Your BodyFast-Team

Just finished my 1st wk with the free plan. It’s now Sunday and I’d like to start wk2 with Coach which I already purchased. I can’t seem to be able to access it anywhere though. Where do I find it and can I start a week after Sunday?

Hallo Maxan,

Thank you for your question!

To activate the Coach, you have to cancel the current fasting week or wait for it to end. Then you can start a Coach week in the left tab. These weeks will be individually calculated based on your progress and goals. Additionally, the Coach will give you weekly health challenges which lead to a healthier lifestyle. You may also manually choose between 50 different week plans as a Coach user.

We wish you a happy BodyFasting!

Kind regards,

Your BodyFast team

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