We're sorry that you want to initiate a refund for your subscription.


1. Problems activating the Coach: You have to cancel or end the current week to activate the Coach. Then you can start a Coach week.

2. You'll find all the advantages of the Coach if you click this link - Coach users lose weight 30% faster!

For a refund, please proceed as follows:

If you purchased your subscription through our website, we will need the following information from you to initiate the refund:

  • Email address you registered with in the BodyFast app.
  • User ID, which you can find in the app settings ("Me" tab > gear icon at the top right) at the very bottom (long combination of letters and numbers)

If you bought your subscription in the app via Google, Apple or Huawei, here is the necessary info:


If you purchased in the Google Play Store, please follow these instructions for a refund:


If this does not work, please send us your Google Play e-mail address and we'll help you out!

iPhone / iPad: 

You'll get your refund from Apple.

I'm sorry, but we have no influence on the Apple process and can't initiate your refund for you.

Please contact Huawei support to request a refund for your subscription. You can find any necessary information after tapping on the following link:https://consumer.huawei.com/za/support/content/en-us00738330/