The coach

Coach says I’m on week 2 but I’m on week 3. But really week 6. I had weeks without coach and aborted a few weeks. Keri

Thanks for your request. Did you delete the aborted weeks? Deleted weeks will not show up in the counting of weeks.

How to delete weeks? I accidentally press abort week and now it saying I'm on week 3 but really I am only on week 2.

Hi Cara, you  can easily delete aborted or previous weeks by going to your timeline  ("Me" tab), then tapping on the week you wish to delete and then tapping  on delete week.

I have just join the coach, but I have only had a payment receipt. I have not received any information from the coach, I cancelled my new week yesterday and now have a new week running, but no information from the coach which I have paid for. Also the trophies section, how can it register when you complete a task, workouts and movement, as when I click on the button it just tells you what to do not when you have completed it. I expected to have prompt from my coach for £30 otherwise I’m not experiencing anything different too what I was when it was on the free subscription.
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