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Im eating once every 19 hours. I work night shift so at 5am i have some crackers with peanut butter and when i get home at 9 i eat a larger meal like chicken a plate of vegetables a slice of cheese. And yougart with flaxseed for dessert is this too much to be eating? I only excercise on the weekend i walk a total of 16 miles 8 miles Sat and 8 miles Sunday. I would love to walk through the week, but im too tired as my job is a physical job... Any suggestions?

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Hi Sherry, 

Thank you for reaching out to us!

For fasts up to 24 hours we don't recommend any special kinds of foods to break your fast. As intermittent fasting should become your daily routine, we recommend to listen to your body and to take notice which kinds of foods feel good after a fast and which don't. 

Usually you can eat whatever you like after an intermittent fasting period but it's always important to notice the difference in your body, your energy levels and also in your mood after certain kinds of foods. We'd also recommend to keep a food diary in which you can note how you felt after certain meals (energy level, digestion, mood, etc.).

During the eating period you should eat when you feel hungry or just keep on with your usual eating times. Make sure you don't binge, because this will negate the effect of losing weight. If you want to lose weight faster, eat a little bit less then usually and avoid sugar and fast foods.

Try for yourself what works best and feels best. Make sure you ask other BodyFasters in our Facebook group how they manage their eating periods:

Kind regards, 

Your BodyFast team

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